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Something Blue No.2

Photo print/High quality paper


2015 (Infinity 2015)



「對沒有記憶所懷念的世界,映照的不是相機的鏡頭,而是被投射在心靈的眼睛。」森下和彥(Kazz Morishita)以寫真畫家自稱,運用如夢似幻的日本印象:櫻花、楓葉、富士山…...等,搭配超現實的斗大月球,讓觀眾穿梭於虛實之間的攝影作品中。


"In remembrance of a world without memories, they are not reflected through camera lens, but projected in the heart's eye."


Artist Kazz Morishita calls himself a photographic artist; he skillfully melds iconic Japanese elements such as cherry blossom, maple leaves, Mt. Fuji...etc into his works. At times the viewer could catch glimpse of a giant, almost surreal moon, leading its audience through a realm where the boundaries between reality and fantasy is yet to be defined.

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森下和彥 Kazz Morishita

Curator of numerous exhibition at international scale


1990 Tokyu Group Exhibit International Garden and Greenery Exposition, Osaka Japan


1993 Ministry of Construction exhibition pavilion in Shinshu exposition


1996 Theme Zone  at the Toyama Prefecture of  National Urban  Green Fair


As a Photographic Artist


Solo Exhibition

2005 "MIDORI(The Green)”, Gallery KAZE in Tokyo, Japan

2006 "SAKURA,”Gallery KAZE in Tokyo, Japan

2007 -reincarnation-, Gallery MOA in Heyri Artist Valley, KOREA

2008 Cherry trees in full bloom, Gallery KAZE in Tokyo & Gallery  Shizuku in Ageo,Japan

2011 It's the Time to be Autumn,’Niche Gallery in Tokyo, Japan

2014 Moonlight Serenade, Niche Gallery


Group Exhibition

2007  Art Shanghai in Shanghai, China

2011  Art Shanghai in Shanghai, China

2012  China, Japan and Korea Art Exhibition’ , Shanghai China

2012  Art Shanghai in Shanghai, China

2013  Asia Gallery Art Fair / Art Shanghai,China / 枝香庵 Eko-An in Tokyo, Japan 「天祭一○八(Tensai108)」in Tokyo, Japan

2014  ʻfotofever, Paris, France

2015  LA ART SHOW, Los Angeles, CA , USA



2012   Third International Biennial Of Graphic  Digital Arts Gdynia

2013    ARTE LAGUNA Photographic Art  Department



1979   'For Thee' Poetry

2006   'SAKURA' Poetry art book

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            Scent Of Autumn