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727 分類 > 村上 隆 Takashi Murakami




影像尺寸:64.01 x 98.55 cm




In 2007 Takashi Murakami’s 727 was sold for over 80 million yen, rendering him the most expensive contemporary artist in Japan. In 727 series we see a variegated, pointed-teethed Dob riding on a richly ornamented wave, inexplicably cute and somewhat grotesque.

The title 727 derives from a shampoo brand “727COSMETICS” the artist saw while traveling on Shinkansen. Initially he thought the name had something to do with Boeing 727 but later found out that it was actually the brand founder’s wife’s birthday. Takashi Murakami later named the artwork with his “misunderstanding” and actually adapted various techniques and created several versions catering to collectors’ requirements. The artwork bears a resemblance of a three fold screen and shows a strong similarity of Japanese Ukiyo-e woodblock.


1. 三隻眼睛有著尖牙看似猙獰

2. 日本浮世繪畫風









Mr. DOB, the whimsical, sharp-toothed character riding the wave at center, is Murakami's first signature creation inspired by the anime (animated film) and manga (comic book) characters that have achieved cult status in Japanese youth culture. His name is a contraction of the Japanese slang __EXPRESSION__ "dobojite," or "why?" and it is literally spelled out in his facial features and appendages, ensuring we recognize him in spite of his ever-changing appearance. Here Mr. DOB is borne on a tide of traditional Japanese forms. The wave, spanning the length of three panels that evoke a painted folding screen, is strongly suggestive of the well-known woodblock prints of the Japanese artist Hokusai (1760–1849). About twenty layers of paint, resembling lacquer, were builtup then scraped away to create a variegated abstract background in Nihonga style, a fusion of Japanese and Western artistic approaches that developed in the late nineteenth century. Of 727 Murakami has said, "The work is not particularly representative of anything. It is simply a combination of all the available techniques that I had at the time."

With studios and teams of assistants in Tokyo and New York producing his paintings, sculptures, environmental installations, prints, multiples, drawings, media works, and popular merchandise, Murakami has drawn comparisons with Andy Warhol. His expert melding of the popular with the time-honored has resulted in this humorous and celebratory representation of the past, present, and future of Japanese art.

- MoMA

村上 隆




2013- 電影《Jellyfish Eyes》首映 / 洛杉磯
2012-《幼稚力宣言 村上隆版?作品跨年展》 / 上海
2010- 凡爾賽宮 / 法國
2008- 布魯克林博物館 / 紐約
2007- 當代藝術館 / 洛杉磯
2002- 蛇型藝廊 / 倫敦
2002- 舉辦跨國性的第一屆《GEISAI》
2001- 當代藝術館 / 東京
2000- 與法國品牌路易•威登合作,並推出限量珍藏版的「櫻花」系列,引領時尚跨界與藝術家合作的熱潮。

            A Homage to Monopink 1960